Unibroue Trois Pistoles Review

On the back of this bottle, it describes the beer as being a “remarkably mellow dark ale.” This, as they would say, is pretty spot on. This beer is simply delicious. This is my favorite beer from the Unibroue lineup. This is a very aromatic beer, and if you drink this out of the bottle, you will not experience half of whats going on in that dark glass. The picture shown above, which has the the beer in lovely Unibroue glass, is the way it should be served and drank(Geez, I need to work on my diction). Trust me, though, have it both ways, and you will smell, and taste, the difference. This beer is considered a medium to full bodied beer, but when you first taste the beer, your hit with a very big fruity flavor, but not overpowering, but you can expect it just by smelling the brew. Then, the after taste consists of, if you’ve ever had the pleasure, the taste of an aged, port wine.

Unibroue Brewing Company Chambly, Quebec, Canada

9% ABV(Alcohol by Volume)

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